Being in the present


I said some weeks ago I would report on how I got on with a list of attributes which would help lead to a fulfilled life.  The first on the list is being in the present, a very fashionable aspiration.  Who isn’t meditating these days?

Well, me for one.  Being still and in the present is tough for me, I tried to focus on the moment at various positive times – swimming in a lovely outdoor pool, taking the dog for a walk – but the fact is my brain is almost always whirring.

My only insight is that for me being in the present is focusing on one thing at a time, however dull that one thing is.  It means, if you manage to do it, that you actually remember where you have put things.  You do that one job well, before moving on to the next.

Next on the list is being able to talk and listen.  I will report back…

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Judith Derbyshire founded Purely Probate, a firm of solicitors specialising in probate wills and powers of attorney after a 20 year spell as company secretary of Clarks shoes
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