Korean wedding


We have just come back from our son’s wedding in Korea.  It was completely wonderful.  Rob and his wife Minhye now “just” have to complete the painful and expensive exercise of getting a visa.

I was away from the office for 2 weeks, and things went brilliantly in my absence.  The team was magnificent and – a first – new work came in while I was away.  And it wasn’t all from personal contacts of one sort or another, the sign that the business is developing a life of its own.

I really thought that the time had come when I could start taking more time off but needless to say since returning, it has been full on and I have been working this morning (Sunday).

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Judith Derbyshire founded Purely Probate, a firm of solicitors specialising in probate wills and powers of attorney after a 20 year spell as company secretary of Clarks shoes
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  1. Joanna Cruddas says:

    How exciting. Children/families take one in so many different directions and open up such opportunities. I wonder if you would have gone to Korea (tho perhaps you have been before) had there not been a wedding and that’s just the beginning of new insights and cultures entering your family. May they be very happy.

  2. oldpren1 says:

    No we would never have gone to Korea, we are incredibly lucky to have gone there and be part of the warm and welcoming Korean culture via our daughter in law. Now just waiting with our fingers crossed to hear if she has her visa.

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