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As a small business owner I meet lots of other small business owners.  They are different to the people I used to deal with working in a big business.  It’s not that one is good and the other bad, but small business owners don’t have the luxury of being able to stay in our niche area of expertise.  We have a go at pretty much everything, and some of them play to Quiet August our strengths and others to our weaknesses.


A good thing is that we get to learn what those strengths and weaknesses are.  One of the keys must be to recognise them, and as soon as possible subcontract in our areas of weakness.  But in the meantime we just have to get on with it.  The worst possible thing is to ignore the jobs we hate in the hope they will go away.

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Judith Derbyshire founded Purely Probate, a firm of solicitors specialising in probate wills and powers of attorney after a 20 year spell as company secretary of Clarks shoes
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