Things we do when we are young


When we are young, naïve and enthusiastic we do things which are spot on correct, but we would be too embarrassed to do once we “know better”.

When I was first company secretary of Clarks I forced the board to give up their rather splendid lunch (those were the days!) have sandwiches and give the money saved to Save the Children Fund.  The Chairman remembered the occasion fondly years later.

A psychologist told me how early in her career she interrupted a group session full of alpha males.  It was the beginning of the day and she and her male colleague had asked each of them to say something about themselves.  They used the occasion to make fun of each other, minister clever put downs etc.  Her role was to sit on the side line, but she stood up, stopped them and said how appalled she was, and that they had to stop it.  It worked!  The rest of the day was a great success. These days she would never do that.

So us oldies must re-learn trusting our instincts and taking risks.

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Judith Derbyshire founded Purely Probate, a firm of solicitors specialising in probate wills and powers of attorney after a 20 year spell as company secretary of Clarks shoes
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  1. Nigel Cooper says:

    I have to admit there are some mistakes where coincidentally we have arrived at a result which proved correct even though we subsequently realised we had adopted an inappropriate methodology. i.e. the right answer but for the wrong reasons. I think on such occasions there must be a guardian angel.

    One different but rather charming mistake related by a girl friend in student days was when her relative in Edwardian times visited his villa under construction in Porto Fino only to find it considerably bigger than expected. The contractor assured him it was correct. They inspected the drawings only to find dims in feet/ins, had been interpreted as meters.

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